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Valerie Roucoules: media relations, according to Pierre Fabre

Valérie Roucoules

Married, two children, twenty years in Pierre Fabre group. Valerie Roucoules works for Avène since 2001; however, she has been responsible for some time of René Furterer or Glytone. Her job? The press relations. Her training? She is a pharmacist. What is wrong? Nothing, indeed. Valerie explains and accepts her difference in the world of press agents in full confidence.

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A typical working-day for Valérie Roucoules? She begins by reading the e-mails arrived since the day before, and by answering the questions of journalists: one requires a visual document to lighten her beauty heading; another one would like to get a cream for testing; a third one has forgotten the retailing price of the latest novelty, while the last one would like to interview the Avene line Director … To all these women (journalists talking about beauty are mainly female), Valerie sends an answer.

Now, she can prepare a new press kit, and begin with the back-and-forth (with the regulatory team, the marketing department, the proofreading committee …) actions needed prior its validation. Or she goes to the daily press review, to check how the pieces of information given the journalists have been treated, what has been published, to check that the messages have been displayed … and which ones have not been at all, or only partially.

Her programme may also include the organization of an event or of a press trip (when, at which cost, how to structure it, which pieces of information shall be included …), a meeting during lunch-time with a journalist, a staff meeting … …

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