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Wednesday, May 13, 2020Portraits

Labosphère: R&D with a heart

Corinne Rodriguez

For more than 20 years, Corinne Rodriguez, Scientific Director of the Labosphere R&D laboratory, has been making her knowledge available to the cosmetics industry. Specialized in textures and galenics, she works with the different actors of the industry. But among all the companies that offer this kind of service, what makes Labosphère so original? Without a doubt the benevolence that Corinne Rodriguez places in her profession… because cosmetics isn’t just about sensoriality, it’s also about humanity.

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“Beauty, I fell into it as a child,” remembers Corinne Rodriguez. “I used to do all kinds of mixing, not always happy! Quite naturally, I turned to molecular biochemistry studies. After graduating from the faculty of Nantes, I quickly got back into working life, because in our profession, it’s imperative to be confronted with the straw mattress. Texture and galenics are the sinews of war. And to have a good mastery, there are not a multitude of solutions, you have to experiment again and again.”

As a young laboratory assistant, she began working with China and South Korea.
These were rewarding years for her… but also tiring.
At the age of 32, she decides it’s time to settle down a bit and start her own company.
She co-created her own R&D structure.

Labosphere has more than one trick up its sleeve

Corinne Rodriguez’s company specializes in the development of cosmetic formulas.
She works with all the players in the industry.
“Our role is to guide our client in his project. We help brands to design their cosmetics, we help raw material suppliers to enhance their active ingredients in illustrative formulas and we bring our expertise to packaging manufacturers who want …

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