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When Marc-Antoine Jamet and Cosmetic Valley talk about them

Marc-Antoine Jamet

If there is one name that many in the cosmetics industry know, it is his. But do we really know who he is? Marc-Antoine Jamet, Secretary General of the LVMH group and President of Cosmetic Valley, spoke at a networking session organized by the CEW in Paris on September 11, 2018.

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It is in the auditorium of LVMH’s headquarters that Marc-Antoine Jamet welcomes the members of the CEW. Full of humour, he explains that if the proportions of the place are impressive, it is also because the place was once the flagship studio of the France 2 channel which then hosted sets and projectors. At 22 avenue Montaigne, then. It’s time to get to the heart of the matter. The instruction is clear. Like his predecessors, he must lend himself to an autobiographical exercise and then mention the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster over which he presides. On the second point, no problem, but the first one bothers him a little more. Indeed, Marc-Antoine Jamet does not like to talk about him and wants to talk about his career path quickly. The only shadow on the board, there are too many for him to sweep them away in a few minutes. Too bad, it is therefore suitable for the exercise.

One man, several caps

“I was born into what was called the bourgeoisie of talent, compared to the bourgeoisie of fortune,” he begins. Grandson of agrégés de lettres classiques at a time when France had few students, the son of an actress …

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