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Monday, November 7, 2022Regulation

Canada's Notice of intent on the labelling of toxic substances in products

L'avis d'intention du Canada sur l’étiquetage des produits contenant des substances toxiques

Canada has just published in its October 29, 2022 Gazette a notice of the government’s intention to propose actions to require the labelling of certain toxic substances on certain products, including cosmetic products. Public comments can be provided until 12 January 2023.

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Canadians deserve and want to know what substances are in the products they purchase and use in their everyday lives, whether at home or at work, especially if these substances can have impacts on the environment or human health, says the Canadian government.
The Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Minister of Health Canada are committed to addressing this issue by requiring businesses to inform Canadians of the environmental impacts of consumer products, and by introducing mandatory labelling of chemicals in consumer products..
That’s why Bill S-5 proposes to include in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act’s preamble a statement recognizing the importance of Canadians having information about the risks posed by toxic substances to the environment or human health, including through the labelling of products.

Substances subject to the proposed actions

The Government of Canada intends to propose labelling requirements for some of the substances that are listed on Schedule 1 of the Act “where providing information to consumers on the presence of those substances would help reduce risks to the environment or human health.”

Criteria where labelling of substances would be required may include the following:
• The substance could be associated with potential concerns to …

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