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Oleo-Limestone Liniment Wipes

Biolane-Le change

Indicative price€3.70
Price per 100mL / 100g€5.78
Expiration dateonsachet.
Batch numberonsachet.

Plastic bag 64 wipes


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Cleans and protects
Prevents redness
Biodegradable fibers
98% of natural origin
Olive oil

The baby hygiene specialist
Biolane Oleo-Limestone liniment wipes have been specially formulated for the exchange of sensitive or irritating skin.
They leave a protective film that helps protect against irritating external aggressions (urine, stool, rubbing of the layers).

• 98% of natural origin.

Their 98% natural formula, based on olive oil, nourishes and relieves the diaper skin weakened daily and preserves irritation.

Hypoallergenic** and tested under pediatric control, these wipes are suitable for atopic skins. Their biodegradable fibers* and their ultra-soft and resistant texture guarantee a very delicate cleaning. As a result, baby’s skin is nourished, soothed and perfectly protected from irritation.

*Fibers of the wipe.
**Formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.

Made in France

Directions for use

Use at every change and at any time of the day.
Do not rinse.
Convenient, the packaging guarantees a distribution system one by one.
For the first use, remove the cover and close the plastic cover to ensure good product preservation.

In case of irritations or redness, use in addition Diaper Rash Cream or paste with water Biolane to prevent and repair the most severe irritations.


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