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Smoothing Sleeping Cream

Cattier-Murmure Éternel

Indicative price€24.30
Price per 100mL / 100g€48.60
PAO12 Monbottle, cardboard box.
Expiration dateonnone.
Batch numberonbottle, cardboard box.
Pharmacies, Parapharmacies, Organic shops, Specialty shops, Monoprix, Department stores, Internet.

50 mL (1.69 US fl.oz.) Plastic pump bottle (plastic cap) + cardboard box


Manufacturer’s presentation

Cosmetics & nature
Age-defense complex
Anti-ageing prevention
Anti-blue light
First wrinkles

Eternal Whispering Smoothing Sleeping Cream helps strengthen the skin’s natural defences and helps preserve the youthfulness of the skin.
The SkiNight 3R active ingredient and the Cattier age defense complex act synergistically during the night to repair, strengthen and energize the skin barrier.
This combination of active ingredients helps the skin to fight against damage caused by environmental aggressors.
Upon waking, features are relaxed and rested, and skin is visibly more radiant.
Reinforced, it is ready to face the day’s aggressions.
The youthfulness of the skin is thus preserved.
An enveloping texture with a velvety touch thanks to the presence of Camellia oil that brings softness and hydration to the skin.

Flagship actives
Complexe âge défense: Cattier innovation, composed of montmorillonite clay and a combination of active ingredients of marine and plant origin.
A complex between land and sea that acts at 3 levels, helping to delay and correct the first signs of age:
• The active ingredient from the earth (Montmorillonite clay enriched with an algae) stimulates collagen production, reduces the surface and volume of wrinkles.
• The marine active ingredient from Noirmoutier sea water, very rich in microelements, remineralizes, detoxifies and strengthens the skin.
• The vegetal active ingredient, extracted from White Marrube, helps the skin to fight against environmental and light pollution and to neutralize the undesirable effects caused by screen light (blue light).

Active SkiNight 3R: a non-protein amino acid naturally present in humans and plants, it is derived from biological fermentation of wheat and corn.
Night after night, it will stimulate the skin’s mechanisms to stimulate the skin’s natural functions:
• Repair the skin barrier from environmental damage caused by the sun. during the day.
• Relax the features and muscles involved in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Organic Camellia Oil: Very soft, it brings a feeling of comfort to the skin and gives it a velvety touch.
Softening, it makes the skin more elastic and prevents it from drying out.
It nourishes the skin, helping it to maintain its natural hydration.

COSMOS Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife
• 99% of the total is of natural origin.
• 25% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

Made in France

Directions for use

1/ Apply the cream all over the entire face, neck and décolleté.
2/ With the palm of the hand, make pressions on the chin, the forehead and the cheeks to tonify the skin.
3/ Smooth the skin from the inside to the outside of the face using two fingers, at the forehead under the eyes and at the cheekbones.
4/ Place the fingertips along the eyebrows and go up to the root of the hair to smooth the forehead.
Finish by a pressure at the beginning of the scalp.
Repeat this movement 3 times.
Make the same from the top of the neck to the décolleté

Cattier first wrinkles program
1/ Remove the makeup - Cleanse
a. Remove the makeup - To choose according to the skin type
• Cleansing micellar water
• Cleansing milk
• Makeup remover oil
b. Cleanse
• Cleansing foam
2/ Target
• Eye contour cream
3/ Moisturise
To choose according to the sk type and seasonality
• Light smoothing anti-ageing cream
• Rich smoothing anti-ageing cream
• Smoothing sleeping cream

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