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Regenerating Night Care



Manufacturer’s Presentation

Dry skins
Tested under dermatological control

The regenerating care Ictyane night reinvents the hydration of dry skin on a daily basis.
Its creamy texture envelops the dry skin of comfort and softness without greasy effect.
Upon waking, the skin regains comfort and flexibility.
In the mirror, she appears smooth, soft and rested.

The combination of Acéfylline, Abyssinian Oil and Hydroxydecine gives the skin the winning trio: hydration, nutrition and regeneration.
Aefylline, a hydration generator, activates the transformation of a natural protein, filaggrin into the amino acids that make up the NMF (Natural Hydration Factor), which acts as a micro-sponge to capture water and retain it naturally.
Abyssinian oil, derived from camber seeds, a plant native to North-East Africa, acts as a nutrition coach.

Rich in oleic acids (omega 9) and linoleic (omega 6) that boost the lipid synthesis of intercellular cement, it strengthens the cell barrier and its equilibrium Hydroxydecine, resulting from royal jelly, helps replenish the reserves of the skin in filaggrine.
Throughout the night, this protein acts and allows cells to capture and retain water within the stratum corneum.
The natural system of hydration of the skin is revived.

Ictyane night generates 6 hours of continuous hydration.

6 hours of continuous hydration*
Moisture index: +47% 1 H after application*
98% of women found their skin softer and softer**
*Biometrological study carried out on 16 women. Single application.
**Consumer test carried out on 89 women, between 18 and 65 years old, 21 days of application.

Made in France

Directions for use

Apply the care on the face and neck.
Avoid contact with eyes.

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