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Daylight C20

Eneomey-Vitamine C


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Ascorbosilane C 20%
Glycolic acid 6%
Phytic acid 2%
Vitamins A & E

Daylight C20 reduces wrinkles and dark spot, and homogenize the complexion.
• Improves radiant skin
• Neutralises free radicals
• Regulates melanin

Made in France

Directions for use

Manufacturers’ Presentation

Apply every morning as a make-up base and around the eyes. Apply Sunlight Screen over the top if you will be exposed to the sun. To enhance results, use a night cream such as Sunlight Renew 8, Sunlight Renew 15 or Sunlight Renew 30.

Précautions :
Avoid contact with eyes, rinse thorougly with clean water to remove if necessary.
If you feel any disconfort, use less frequently.
Avoid sun exposure or use Sunlight Screen for sun protection.


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Soon online

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