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Firming Gel

Guérande-Soins du Corps

Indicative price€29.50
Price per 100mL / 100g€15.94
PAO12 Monbottle, box.
Expiration dateonbottle, box.
Batch numberonbottle, box.
Organic shops, Internet.

185 mL (6.25 US fl.oz.) Plastic bottle (flip-top cap) + cardboard box


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Firming Gel
Body and legs
All skin types

Guérande cosmetics contain natural active ingredients extracted from marsh plants and algae, which have developed hydrating and restorative antioxidant defence mechanisms in order to live in extreme environments.
Mother waters collected from salt marshes have an extraordinary concentration in mineral salts and micronutrients. In this treatment, it is hypertonic compared to cell saline.

The hypertonicity of Guérande firming gel induces an osmotic shock that promotes tissue drainage. The innovative synergy of the formula’s natural ingredients helps your skin rediscover its firmness, energy and beauty.
Its fragrance, with marine mineral notes, enhances the fresh and revitalising effect.

Guérande firming gel also contains green glasswort, which is rich in magnesium and zinc.

Tested under dermatological control

Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife
• 98% of the total ingredients are from natural origin
• 20% of the total ingredients are from organic farming

Made in France

Directions for use

After your shower, apply it from ankles to waist using firm massaging motions, focusing in particular on the parts of your body most prone to dimpling.
Guérande recommends daily use for at least 28 days, repeating several times per year.

Your skin rediscovers its firmness and tonicity; the “orange peel” appearance is reduced.
In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water.

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