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Intensive Serum

Linéance-Minceur 4D


Manufacturer’s presentation

N°1 in slimming products
Multi-actions cellulite
1/ Anti-cellulite
2/ Anti storage
3/ Ultra invigorating
4/ Moisturizer
Enriched with bodyfit & pleurimincyl: medicinal herb + caffeine
Without paraben
Without ingredients of animal origin

The alliance of advanced French cosmetology with traditional pharmacopoeia Asian

A formula enriched with multiple active ingredients
• The PLEURIMINCYLT: A patented active ingredient associating the “Chaihu”, a Chinese medicinal herb, known to act on the balance of energies for over two thousand years, and Caffeine, slimming active ingredient par excellence, able to dislodge cellulite, for smooth dimpled skin and clinically proven slimming.
• CAFFEINE: Anti-cellulite and ultra-stimulating, it boosts the slimming performance of the treatment.
• The BODYFITT: Patented active ingredient, it boosts the removal of cellulite and acts as an anti-recurrence for a smoothing of the cellulite aspect on the skin in 14 days.
• OLINE: Mineral rich in magnesium, known in alternative medicine for its toning action.
It is an energy booster: by activating cellular respiration, it defatizes the skin and restores its tone.
The skin is as if revitalized, and regains firmness and tone.
• Invigorating extracts of energizing grapefruit and orange for a soft, smooth and moisturized skin from the 1st application.

Clinically proven slimming effectiveness up to -3.1cm waist circumference*
Slimming effect 90%**
Firming effect 83%***
Smoothing of the pads 80%***
Skin more toned 80%****
More moisturized skin 77%*****
*Results obtained on 11 subjects. Clinical test on 31 women for 28 days. Mean = -1.8cm waist circumference.
*Test of use on 31 women. % of women who experienced this effect after 56 days.
***Test of use on 31 women. % of women who noticed this effect after 14 days.*
****Use test on 31 women. % of women who noticed this effect after 28 days.
*****Use test on 62 women. % of women who noticed this effect immediately.

Energizing aromatic fragrance.

Made in France

Directions for use

Apply morning and evening to the areas of the body to be refined in light circular massages, from bottom to top until the product is completely absorbed.

Massage method:
Reconnect with your body with this energetic massage with multiple benefits: its anti-cellulite action acts on the most rebellious parts of your orange peel skin, in a very dynamic way.

Deep sliding pressure: with full hands, massage slowly (7 times).
Fuselage of the thighs: with fingertips, apply circular pressure (2 times).
Palpating-rolling: pinch the fold of the skin, and move it by peeling it off and rolling it without letting go.
Wash hands after application.
Rinse off in case of eye contact.
Do not apply on the face or on pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Do not leave within reach of children.

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