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Expert Correction for Stubborn Cellulite

Thalgo-Défi Cellulite

Indicative price€42.00
Price per 100mL / 100g€28.00
PAO12 Monbox, tube.
Expiration dateonnone.
Batch numberonbox, tube.
Beauty salons, Department stores.

150 mL (5.07 US fl.oz.) Plastic tube (sealed flip-top cap) + cardboard box


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Oxygenates • Breaks down cellulite
All Skin Types

Expert Marine Cosmetics
Thalgo’s innovative Oxy-Active Technology effectively reactivates tissue oxygenation, which can be weakened by the formation of cellulite.
This unprecedented treatment is based on the synergic performance of the brown algae Fucus serratus and pure extract of Coleus forskohli.

Expert Correction for Stubborn Cellulite
This gel concentrates a scientific innovation that, within 14 days, creates a short-circuit of the signalling pathways that control adipocyte storage.
For an unrivalled performance, Oxy-Active Technology is 15 times more concentrated in the pure extract of Coleus forskohli, while an extract of Pepper increases its bioavailability to the heart of the skin by up 11 times.
The expansion of the adipocytes is significantly slowed and stubborn cellulite becomes less visible in just two weeks.*
*Clinical scoring of the appearance of cellulite in thighs, after 14 days of twice-daily use by 22 women showing very visible dimpling associated with a medium to severe grade of cellulite.


Made in France

Directions for use

Morning and evening, apply in circular motions on to areas affected by stubborn cellulite: arms, hips, thighs and knees.


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