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Body-Lift Expert - Anti-Aging Resculpting Cream

Liérac-Body-Lift Expert


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Firms, lifts, beautifies
Helps resculpt body curves
Helps firm, restructure and lift
Helps smooth and correct skin flaws
Nourishes durably and illuminates

• 4.8% anti-aging lifting complex (Pao Rosa precious wood, Silicon, Hyaluronic acid)
• Smoothing hibiscus AHAs and illuminating micro-powders
• 10% moisturizing and nourishing botanical extracts

Active phytocosmetics
Lierac Laboratories have developed their expertise in the correction of skin aging since 1975. Today, they are making their scientific anti-aging expertise available for the benefit of the body, by taking inspiration from aesthetic medicine mesh techniques.

A young body is mainly characterized by an even shape, with a firm tone and smooth skin, and no flaws. The tissue mesg is responsible for body youth and is found both in-depth and on the skin surface.
Deep tissue mesh is composed of a dense network of collagen fibres that rests on the hypodermis. Over time, collagen production decreases, and the hypodermic support mattress becomes disorganized: the mesh breaks down. The skin loses its firmnesse, slackens and the figure becomes less evene.
Surface tissue mesh is formed of epidermal cells. Over time, cellular renewal slows: the mesh breaks down. The skin is less smooth, loses its radiance and the marks of time begin to show.

The first anti-aging body care to double the action of Lierac Laboratories in resculpting the curves of the body and beautifying the skin to reveal a young-looking body.
• Resculpting action: with its complex anti-aging lifting concentrate, (Pao Rosa precious wood, Silicon, hyaluronic acid), this product makes it possible to reinforce the deep tissue mesh by creating new support fibres and reorganizing fat tissue. The curves of the body are resculpted and the skin is firmed, resculpted and appears lifted.
• Beautifying action: rich in smoothing hibiscus AHAS and illuminating micro-powders, this smooth cream acts on the surface tissue mesh by reactivating cellular renewal and regularizing the skin texture optically. Skin surface flaws are erased, leaving the skin smooth, even and beautifully radiant.
The 10% moisturizing and nourishing botanical extracts it contains are rich in essential fatty acids and deliver intense and long-lasting comfort to the skin.

This active texture has a velvety feel and an instant stretch effect. Enriched with a natural tensor formed from a three-dimensional matrix, this texture instantly recreates a stretch effect mesh on the skin, which provides a toning sensation on application. The formula contains three natural waxes (Rice bran, Jojoba and Candelilla) to give to the skin a velvety feel and impart incomparable softness.

Made in France

Directions for use

Massage in circular motion over the entire body, paying special attention to areas prone to skin slackening (inner arms and thighs, stomach, etc.).
Use morning and/or night throughout the year.

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