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Slimming Spray Milk

Linéance-Natura Slim


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Anti cellulite action
N°1 slimming*
98% natural origin formula**
88% slimming effect(1)
87% more toned skin(3)
Enriched with caffeine, red algae essential oils, aloe vera

Milk Slimming Spray
The new slimming spray Natura Slim: a formula, 98% of natural origin, anti-cellulite action for a firmer skin and redesigned contours.

Alliance of slimming and naturalness expertise
Associated with active slimming caffeine, green coffee extract, essential oils of lemon and orange as well as a red algae extract, the natura slim formula is of 98% natural origin.
It is enriched with EcoslimTM, a slimming complex of 100% natural origin. This milk acts on the orange peel look for smoothed dimples.

More beautiful and velvety skin
This spray milk enriched with moisturizing Aloe Vera and nourishing oils of organic jojoba and sweet almond leaves the skin permanently hydrated.
Day after day the skin is smooth and regains firmness.
Natura Slim is suitable for all even sensitive skin.

Clinically proven slimming effectiveness
• Slimming effect 88% Hydration +67%(2)
• Anti cellulite action 77%(3)
• Skin more toned 87%(3)
• Smoothing of cellulite appearance 79%(4)
• Firming effect 75%(4)
(1) Clinical test on 25 women for 28 days
(2) Clinical test on 12 people after 2 hours
(3) Usage test on 31 women.
% of women who experienced this effect after 14 days.
(4) Use test on 24 women for 56 days

*n°1 slimming products sold in large and medium surfaces.
IRI data at CAM closed on May 21, 2017.
**the remaining 2% guarantee sensoriality and conservation.

Quick application with tonic citrus scent
Without colouring • Without mineral oil • No ingredient of animal origin • Without silicone

Made in France

Directions for use

Apply morning and evening on the areas of the body to refine in light circular massage, from bottom to top until complete penetration of the product.

Linéance expert gestures
Deep slipped pressure: with both hands, massage slowly (7 times).
Fuselage of the thighs: with the fingertips, make circular pressures (2 times).
Palpate-roll: pinch the fold of the skin, and move it by taking it off and rolling it without letting go of it.

Wash hands after application.
Rinse in case of eye contact.
Do not apply on the face or on pregnant or lactating woman.
Do not leave within the reach of children.


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