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Couperose Care Cream

Logona-Peaux réactives


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Red algae extract silidine   Softens skin redness and tightness.
Alcohol free   Certified natural cosmetic   For skin prone to rosacea

Quality promise
40 years of authentic, certified natural cosmetics made in Germany
• With raw materials for very high and natural efficacy
• With extracts from organic cultivation since 1978
• With mild plant based ingredients
• With pure, natural fragrances
• Skin-tolerance derma tologically proven
• 40 years of pioneer spirit with strong respect for nature

Soothing care for reddened skin Logona couperose care cream
Supports the vascular walls and improves their elasticity.

The effective, natural, vegan care formula with the exclusive red algae-based ingredient silidine supports cell regeneration, has a soothing effect, and softens redness.

It provides intensive moisture and reduces skin tightness
Especially gentle
Alcohol free

The red algae extract silidine is a marine active ingredient that sustainably reduces skin redness and supports the regeneration of skin cells.

Made in Germany

Directions for use

Apply to face, neck and neckline in the morning and evening after cleansing and massage in gently.
Use Logona couperose moisturizing serum as a supplement if you require additional moisture care.


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Soon online

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