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Lip Balm - Coconut Fragrance



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Oils of vegetable origin
Moisturizes my dry lips

• Made in France
• Enriched with shea butter
• 100% recyclable cardboard case

A formula based on natural origin oils and waxes, for long-lasting hydration that protects the lips from drying out.
Results? Your lips are supple, softer and smoother.

Yes to a 100% recyclable cardboard case, from sustainably managed forests

Lovea - Naturally positive beauty
• Yes to an optimistic beauty: we are constantly innovating to offer formulas with as many natural origin ingredients as possible.
• Yes to beauty pleasure: we select exotic perfumes with delicious and enchanting scents.
• Yes to responsible beauty: this cardboard case is 100% recyclable and comes from sustainably managed forests.

Made in France

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  • FACIAL CARE : Lips : Lipsticks
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