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Rich Oleo-Serum - Arctic Hydra Care



Manufacturer’s Presentation

98% of natural origin
Moisture and relief
Contains: Nordic seed oils, beta complex, Arctic spring water

What is nordic women’s natural beauty secret?

Despite the piercing co, and drying winds of the northern longitudes nordic women remain fresh-faced and youthful looking this resilient healthy radiance forged by a primal relationship with an extreme yet pure and generous arctic nature is our inspiration at lumene.

Rooted in the wellbeing rituals of northern finland, our arctic spring water infused formulas harness the power of various wild arctic ingredients unlike any other.

Berries, seeds, plants, tree saps and even mushrooms have evolved over thousands of years to survive and thrive under a challenging annual light cycle: 8 months of unbroken winter darkness followed by 4 months of 24 hour summer sun.

This light phenomenon stimulates arctic plants to produce unparalleled high levels of potent nutrients and antioxidants.

By capturing the power of these unique ingredients, lumene channels this reviving light in its formulas.

This is the secret of naturally luminous skin: we call it “arctic lumenessence”.

Our products are always formulated with a high level of naturally derived ingredients.

100% vegan

[arktis] Arctic hydra care moisture & relief rich oleo-serum [öljy-seerumi]

• Oil-in-serum formula helps replenish moisture levels and comfort dehydrated, tight-feeling or dryness-prone skin.
• provides thermal stress protection against dehydration caused by temperature variations and helps minimize dryness-induced redness.
• suitable for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

A skin saviour: arctic hydra care [arktis] helps replenish dehydrated & dry skin with its formulas containing soothing nordic bilberry, oat and canola oils combined with a moisture-locking beta complex.

Creating a moisturizing protection - a “second skin”.
Against thermal stress and dryness-induced redness, it helps relieve, re-hydrate & replenish the skin’s moisture levels wherever you go & whatever the climate.

Made in Finland

Directions for use

Shake well and apply to face and neck after cleansing, before arctic hydra care day cream.
Apply 30 minutes before going outdoors.

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