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Multi-Correcting Cream Anti-aging



Manufacturer’s Presentation

Increases density, firms, tones

This anti-aging Multi-Correcting Maege Cream offers a sensory experience that will meet the needs of even the most fragile skin. Formulated using SDKP** and NeoGouttes Target technology, meaning the active ingredients penetrate deeply, it corrects visible signs of aging. Thanks to these specific ingredients, this rich, silky cream provides immediate softness and comfort. Truly revitalized, the skin becomes smooth, more toned and regenerates more effectively, appearing younger and aging more slowly.

It acts from deep within the skin to the surface to hydrate, stimulate and restructure the epidermis. A sensory experience thanks to the formula developed using two new forms of technology:
• Emulium Delta, offering softness during application but also after the product is fully absorbed
• Inagel, highly moisturizing, provides on immediate second-skin effect
Truly revitalized, the skin is once again smoother, more elastic and more toned. Renewed, with a slowing down of the ageing process.

Exclusive technology and patents, an innovative approach, proven results
The first to develop endogenous molecule skin renewal, Maege is the only patented anti-aging range with an SDKP** base, a naturally occurring protein in our skin that awakens the powers of regeneration of the dermis in 14 days.
The SDKP** molecule is combined with NeoGouttes Target technology enabling high-precision targeting in order to carry the molecule to the layers of the skin. Maege skincare combines the two inseparable functions of an effective anti-aging product:
• In the short term, the vitality and dynamism of the dermis are restored, visible after the first few days in skin that is denser, more hydrated, smoother and more toned
• Then gradually, the skin begins to awaken. This awakening can prevent and dramatically slow the aging of the skin

These two stages are key to the SDKP** Exclusive Program, a brand new approach to anti-aging skincare.
Maege has rolled out the SDKP** Exclusive Program to include a small range of three essential products, which tests have proven to be very effective. For example, the serum showed an improvement to the density of the skin in over 90% of cases, and up to 59% if cases had dermal density restored*! Visibly rejuvenated skin and results proven with use scientifically proven benefits*.
*double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical study carried out under dermatological control on 33 patients (conducted by an independent body)

Made in France

Directions for use

1 to 2 applications daily on face and neck, separately or after using High Concentration Anti-aging Serum

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