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Magnetic Attraction - Sublimating Radiance Exfoliation

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Manufacturer’s Presentation

H.Pierantoni Award for Innovation 2017
Victory of beauty 2017-2018
Provence France
Best worker of France aesthetics

The iconic and innovative magnetic attraction is THE exfoliator that promises to be both enjoyable and effective.
Skin Wish List: vibrant, radiant skin.

Made in France

Directions for use

With a small amount of gel, gently brush your hands over your face and neck to exfoliate.
Then wrap the magnet in a tissue and use it to remove the magnetic particles.
Emulsify with clean water, rinse and gently dry.
Use once a week.
Do not drop the magnet, do not put in contact with metal object or another magnet.

Avoid the contact with eyes.
Do not expose to sun and heat.
In case of allergy, stop use of product. Keep away from light and temperatures differences.
Cosmetic product, do not swallow.

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  • FACIAL CARE : Scrubs : Normal skins
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