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Extra-Firming Hand Cream

Natura Siberica-Soins pour le corps


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Cosmetics with herbs and wildflowers
Daily protection
Siberian Ginseng & Limonnik Nanai
99% Natural Origin Formula
Active organics
Award of beauty beauty cosmoprof italy
Certification institute ethical and environmental
Made with wild Siberian herbs harvested

Each Natura Siberica skincare product is formulated with a blend of wild Siberian herbs, exceptional in their ability to withstand temperatures of -50°C and high winds.
To withstand these extreme conditions, they have acquired extraordinary properties: a very high concentration of vitamins and minerals that are particularly beneficial for the skin.
All our products contain wild Siberian herbs that strengthen the skin and preserve its natural beauty.

99% natural ingredients
Wild Siberian herbs
Based on Siberian pine oil derivatives
Pure oils from Siberia
Without GM plant

Product formulated without: Paraben (methyl, propyl, etc.), Polyethylene glycol (PEG), Silicones, Synthetic fragrances, Synthetic dyes, Glycols, Mineral oils.

This Extra-Firming Hand Cream is formulated to lift, firm and restore elasticity of the hands delicate skin.
Organic Siberian Ginseng tones and rejuvenates skin, improving its elasticity due to the whole range of minerals peculiar only to this type of ginseng.
Limonnik Nanai is highly beneficial for the skin due to its antioxidant properties and is rich in vitamins E and C.
Wild harvested Siberian Rowan is able to nourish and sooth even the driest skin.

Made in EU/Born in Siberia

Directions for use

Apply a small amount of the cream on skin and gently rub in.
Use only as directed.

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