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Sacred Cream of the Shaman



Manufacturer’s Presentation

Natural anti-ageing cream
Lifts, firms, illuminates the complexion

The magical power of ancestral plants

Crème Sacrée: The shaman’s plants secrets
Crème Sacrée comes from the alliance of the ancestral African plants and innovative natural cosmetics.

The magical alchemy of 12 plants (acti-plants 12)
The skin selects in this complexe of plants, all the active ingredients necessary for its hydration, nutrition, as well as all the targeted anti-ageing active ingredients.
Because of the combination of plants, the efficiency of each one is increased.

A radiance anti-ageing care
Two rare and precious anti-ageing active ingredients: the cassava root which smoothes wrinkles, recreates volumes (anti-sagging, redesigns the oval) and the silk tree which improves microcirculation, re-oxygenates the skin, restores radiance, acts on dark circles, puffiness and drawn.
Combined with a cocktail of moisturizing (aloe vera, evening primrose), nourishing (coconut, baobab, borage), regenerating (acacia, centella, confrey) and antioxidant plants (argan, rosemary), this cream is the magic formula of the Shaman to escape effects of time.

95% of natural origin

Made in France

Directions for use

Day/night Blended texture, fresh effect on the skin


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Soon online

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