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Monday, April 5, 2021Authorities

ANSES warns on burns caused by false nail glues

L'ANSES alerte sur les brûlures causées par les colles pour faux ongles

In a press release dated 30 March 2021, the ANSES (French National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety) draws attention to the safety of cyanoacrylate glues used to apply false nails. While direct skin contact with these glues is generally not serious, spraying them through clothing can cause serious burns, sometimes requiring a skin graft, the Agency says. The Agency recommends that manufacturers make the labelling clearer and more visible as to the precautions to be observed when using these products.

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The current craze for false nails and the health restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic have favoured the use of cyanoacrylate glues at home, the ANSES first reminds.

A chemical reaction due to contact with the fabric

Direct skin contact with cyanoacrylate false nail adhesives is generally not serious. On the other hand, contact of these glues with fabric, especially cotton or wool, causes a chemical reaction resulting in an instantaneous release of very strong heat. In addition, the high fluidity of these glues favours their diffusion through the fabric, which increases the burned skin surface.

In November 2020, the French Poison Control Centres (PCCs) reported two serious cases of burns in young children: a 20-month-old girl burned on her left wrist through her cotton T-shirt and requiring a skin graft, and a 2-year-old girl burned on her hand and forearm.

Products to be kept out of reach of children

These glues for false nails are sold freely in shops and on the Internet. Among the many existing references, the risk of burns, direct or indirect through clothing, is often unclear or non-existent.

To prevent serious burns, which most often occur in children, ANSES recommends that manufacturers make the labelling …

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