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Monday, December 19, 2022Authorities

Bulk sales: a communication from the DGCCRF

Vente en vrac : une communication de la DGCCRF

In 2021, the DGCCRF conducted an investigation to better understand the bulk cosmetics sector. Of the 132 operators checked, 57 showed anomalies in terms of consumer information or product hygiene. Six of the twenty samples taken were found not to comply with microbiological standards, one of which presented a health hazard. It is on this basis that the DGCCRF has just published a note which takes stock of the situation and gives some initial advice to professionals.

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In this note, the DGCCRF affirms its intention to accompany the development of this new marketing method to better protect the consumer: “The difficulties identified will make it possible to reflect on new rules to better support this sales method, which is set to develop in order to meet the objectives of reducing packaging,” it states.

Communication from the DGCCRF

Promoted by the public authorities through the AGEC law (anti-waste and circular economy law) of 2020 and driven by consumers seeking to reduce packaging and the environmental footprint of consumption, bulk sales are booming. However, its development must be supported in order to maintain consumer protection and information.

The aim of the survey carried out in 2021 by the DGCCRF was therefore to explore the sales methods developed by professionals, to draw up an inventory and to learn lessons from it in order to improve the practices of manufacturers and distributors. In total, 47 warnings and 10 compliance orders were issued.

New constraints for professionals

Professionals are therefore faced with new problems and constraints brought about by this new mode of consumption in which pre-packaging has disappeared. They must therefore implement the means to ensure that products presented in bulk …

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