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Monday, July 18, 2022Authorities

Sunflower oil: the DGCCRF grants temporary derogations to certain labelling obligations

Huile de tournesol : la DGCCRF accorde des dérogations temporaires à certaines obligations d'étiquetage

Given the supply tensions on certain raw materials used in the manufacture of cosmetic products, and in particular sunflower oil due to the war in Ukraine, the French DGCCRF has decided to grant a limited number of temporary derogations to certain labelling obligations in case of changes in the composition of products.

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In a press release dated 13 July 2022, the French General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control (DGCCRF), announced that it has “put in place an adapted system for informing consumers about changes in the composition of cosmetic products.” This system is inspired by what has already been put in place in the food sector last May.

“The war in Ukraine is affecting the supply of the cosmetics industry for the production of certain products, in particular products containing sunflower oil. Faced with these tensions, in order to guarantee the continuity of supply of the products concerned, some manufacturers are forced to make changes in composition in a timeframe incompatible with the printing of new packaging. This situation makes it immediately impossible for them to fully comply with all cosmetic labelling requirements, in particular those concerning the list of ingredients. It is also likely to call into question certain claims made on these products,” explains the DGCCRF.

Derogations under conditions

The market control authority has therefore decided to grant a limited number of temporary derogations to certain labelling obligations.
Thus, a professional wishing to modify one of his compositions to cope with supply difficulties must submit a request to …

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