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The DGCCRF encourages professionals to use SignalConso

La DGCCRF incite les professionnels à utiliser SignalConso

In a communication published on 5 April 2023, the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) reminds us that, while SignalConso is a platform for consumers to report fraud, it is also a tool for professionals. And a way of improving practices and avoiding checks!

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SignalConso is based on the principles of transparency and trust between consumers, professionals and the DGCCRF services,“ the press release states.
It then reminds professionals of the importance of making good use of it…

A warning tool

The reports made on SignalConso are an opportunity for the professional to become aware of a problem linked to the sale or the product itself. The professional is alerted by SignalConso and can first try to resolve the problem amicably with a consumer. But it can also look into the origin of the problem and correct the practice or defect in order to prevent it from happening again.

A tool for better customer relations

When a report is received, the professional can respond to the consumer, provide explanations or make his point of view known if he believes he is in the right. These exchanges are not public; they are only visible to the consumer, the professional and the DGCCRF. In addition to responding to his client, the professional may also provide a technical response to the DGCCRF.

A facilitation tool

The SignalConso platform enables professionals to be informed of a problem and to remedy it as part of a continuous improvement process. …

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