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Mexican cosmetics regulations

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Differences among hygienic products (classified in the medical device category), registrations, notifications… At the International Congress organized by Cosmed on June 10, 2016, Carlos Berzunza Sanchez, General Manager of CANIPEC, presented the specificities of Mexican cosmetics regulations.

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CANIPEC is the main organization representing the Mexican cosmetics industry, similarly to FEBEA (the French Federation of Beauty Companies) in France. Its sphere of action covers the whole value chain, down to distributors.

The Mexican regulatory framework

The Mexican Constitution is the main text to provide a framework for the Mexican legislation, and it comprises the right to health insurance. Then, there are, by descending order of predominance, international agreements (WTO, TLCUEM), federal laws (including the General Law on Health - LGS), laws statutes, technical regulations (NOM, including those on GMP or labelling).

In Article 17a of the General Law on Health, it is stated that the Secretary of Health is the authority responsible for regulations and inspections, via a government body, the Comision Federal para la Proteccion contra Riesgos Sanitarios (Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks), Cofepris.

The Cofepris has several missions:
• Assessing risks to the health of Mexico's population
• Setting National Policy for protection against sanitary (health) risks
• Issuing and enforcing Mexican Regulations (NOM)
• Issuing authorizations and certificates
• Exercising health control and vigilance actions
• Penalizing infractions and applying measures to ensure population safety

Products classification

The cosmetics industry is concerned by …

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