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Tuesday, April 7, 2015Congresses

Algae: a world (of actives) yet to be exploited (Part 2)

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Algae were the main focus on the day of conferences at the6th edition of U’Cosmetics dedicated to marine cosmetics last March 12, 2015 in Guingamp, France. They do not only represent research topics and prospects for the future. Many of the actives derived from them have already been incorporated into cosmetics formulas, and we also know how to cultivate them to better exploit them. Émilie Simon, of Algotherm, and Jean-Paul Cadoret, of Greensea, presented an (inspiring) catalogue of their applications.

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Algotherm belongs to the Batteur Group and has been firmly established as a specialist of marine cosmetics since 1962. Émilie Simon, Research and Development Manager, came to Guingamp to present the concept that lies at the core of her products’ design (‘ deciphering the talent of each alga species and optimizing its assimilation by the skin ’) and explain how Algotherm has already been using marine resources.

‘All algae do not have the same powers’, she started. Each one has their own specificities, different gifts’. This led Algotherm to combine the properties of an alga or complex of algae with an action and a range, and today its product offer comprises 54 skincare products divided into eleven segments: eight for the face and two for the body, completed with a sun range.


Laminaria Digitata

It is extremely rich in alginates, mannitol, and amino acids, and it exhibits a moisturizing, protective, nutritive, and rebalancing power for the skin.

Claims it enables to make
It can be used to remineralize, nourish, and preserve the skin on a daily basis, but it can also be claimed to rejuvenate and relax the organism or ease tensions.
Algotherm has incorporated it into …

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