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Tuesday, December 14, 2021Congresses

Plastic packaging in the age of the 3Rs

Les emballages plastiques à l'heure des 3R

Plastics do not get much press these days. And the same goes for plastic packaging, especially single-use packaging, which is in the crosshairs of more than one regulation. The mantra of the time is: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and this applies to both the French and European levels. During the 19th Perfumes & Cosmetics Congress, which took place in Chartres on December 1st and 2nd, 2021, Martin Foe, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Aptar, gave an update on the requirements of the European “Single Use Plastic” Directive and the French “3R” Decree.

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The packaging sector is a good indicator of economic activity. There is even a saying: When France packs, France sells…
In France, plastic packaging accounts for one third of total packaging turnover, and represents 8.1 billion euros for 320 companies, 38,000 employees and 2.2 million tonnes of converted plastic materials.

An evolving regulatory framework

The measures that concern packaging today are the result of a long history, both European and French.

In Europe

• 2015: Europe publishes a roadmap which defines various objectives, including better production, better consumption… Plastics management is one of its priorities.
• 2017: The new plastics economy is the subject of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation report.
• 2018: The European Commission publishes its plastics strategy.
• 2019: This strategy is translated into Directive 2019/904 (“Single Use Plastic”), whose Guidelines were published in June 2021.
• 2020: EU Regulation 2020/2151 requires the marking of products containing plastics.

In France

• 2018: in line with European work, France establishes its roadmap for a circular economy, which defines 50 measures.
• 2020: these measures are translated into the Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy law (AGEC law), of which the “3R” Decree is one of the emanations.
• 2021: the …

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