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Thursday, January 17, 2013Consumers

The beauty secret of young men

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While "made for men" beauty products are now mainstream, latest research from Mintel reveals that online retailing is the ultimate shopping channel for American men when it comes to beauty. Six in ten are attracted by online shopping, convenient, easy and quick.

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According to the Mintel study, the ease and convenience features of shopping online appeal to some 60% of men aged 18-34 who buy beauty products and agree that buying online is more convenient than shopping in-store. This compares to 52% of women of the same age - and 41% of their older male counterparts (aged 55+).

Moreover, 37% of younger men who buy beauty products also report being more likely to make impulse purchases when shopping online compared to shopping in-store, versus 26% of female consumers of the same age.

It is said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever - and it seems young male consumers don’t want to miss the chance to get their hands on the latest beauty products, with the majority (73%) of beauty product shoppers agreeing that buying online gives them access to hard to find products - compared to 69% of women of the same age. Moreover, 43% say that buying online allows them to be the first to try the latest products - versus 30% of women. Also, in time-constrained lives, saving time is another important feature when buying beauty products online, with 73% of young men thinking that shopping online …

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