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Tuesday, June 15, 2021Consumers

Inclusive beauty: trends for 2024

Beauté inclusive : les tendances à l'horizon 2024

Diversity is an emerging theme, which is about to become a must for cosmetic brands. In a webinar aired on June 3, the foresight agency BeautyStreams gave some insight into upcoming beauty trends in terms of inclusivity.

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“Western domination is a thing of the past,” introduces BeautyStreams. “Influences are now coming from all over the world. By 2025, the Western countries, Canada, Western Europe and the United States, will account for less than 40 percent of the world’s gross domestic product. Asia, which will become an increasingly important economic player, will logically be a very influential area in terms of cosmetic trends. But beware, today, all cultural, genetic or spiritual minorities want to make themselves heard and show how their singularities make them strong. Topics such as neurodiversity, aging or gender definitions are considered as assets of our society. Cosmetic brands that refuse to represent these diverse communities will have little chance of resonating with consumers of the future.”

Hair products
Inclusivity is as important in makeup as it is in the hair cosmetics industry.
The need to care for all hair types is strong in the professional field. The industry must offer a wider representation, both in its ranges and in its communication.
According to BeautyStreams, it is to be expected that consumers with ’textured” hair will demand vibrant and vivid colors. “This is because curls or frizz tend to absorb color rather than reflect it. …

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