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Tuesday, July 20, 2021Consumers

Organic and natural cosmetics: what do consumers think today?

Cosmétique bio et naturelle : qu'en pensent les consommateurs  aujourd'hui ?

A green wave is now sweeping through the beauty sector. But what is the general public’s perception of organic brands and labels? To better understand their expectations, the Mindline polling institute conducted a survey on behalf of Natrue with a panel of French and German people.

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The study was conducted between January and February 2021, with a sample consisting of more than two thousand people (1014 Germans and 1022 French), 70% female and 30% male, aged 18-65. The participants were interviewed online.

The notion of naturalness

“In Germany, the notion of ‘natural’ is an integral part of the consumer’s choice and accounts for 20% of the decision process to purchase a natural or organic cosmetic product. In France, it represents 24%”, explains Natrue.

The panel was asked about the understanding of the term natural.
For Germans, this term refers to :
• Animal protection
• The refusal to use plastic
• The “cleanliness” of the formulas
• Positive environmental impact

For the French sample, it is synonymous with:
• 100% natural formula
• Animal protection
• Vegan
• Organic

“‘Natural’ remains a multifactorial concept, strongly influenced by the personal preferences of the general public, which has become more complex in recent years due to the fragmentation of the market and the appearance of several types of indications highlighting several aspects of cosmetics. Some consumers may not be able to differentiate unambiguously between natural products, especially in France where knowledge of this segment seems to be less …

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