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The effects of the pandemic on skin cleansing

Les effets de la pandémie sur le nettoyage de peau

Since March 2020, the Covid-19 crisis has disrupted the habits of millions of people around the world. CeraVe looked at how the health situation has affected skin cleansing practices. The result: 64% of consumers have changed their routine… and that’s not necessarily good news.

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The survey was conducted by Ipsos on behalf of CeraVE. It was conducted online, on a panel of 10,000 participants from 23 different countries.

Among the general findings, the study reveals that:
• The daily lives of 90% of respondents have been impacted by changes that can affect skin health in a positive or negative way
• 1 in 5 respondents increased their consumption of “junk food”
• 3 out of 10 people have been affected financially by the pandemic
• 64% of those surveyed said their cleaning routines have changed from what they used to do
• 19% of women said their skin health deteriorated during the pandemic

The importance of cleaning

The study indicates that:
• 9 out of 10 people wash their face daily
• 7 out of 10 people report that on days when they do not wash their face, they feel a loss of confidence or reluctance to interact with others

Discerning habits

Since the start of the pandemic, respondents confide in:
• 69% use warm and hot water to clean their face
• 67% do not use pH-balanced cleansers
• 42% use only water to cleanse their face
• 31% strip their skin to …

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