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Beauty of Sourcing with Respect Conference : l'édition 2019

The annual Beauty of Sourcing with Respect Conference is on your radar for 20 and 21 May in Paris. This is the premier event for the beauty and cosmetics sector to discuss consumer demand for ethical products, how biodiversity – and the deepening loss of it - is shaping the industry, and how companies must develop natural substances in a way that respects nature and shares benefits with local and indigenous peoples. The 2019 edition will also be an opportunity to unveil the results of the 11th Biodiversity Barometer.

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This year, the conference looks towards Asia to delve into the latest trends and influences. The event will be the launch of the 11th edition of the Biodiversity Barometer, a special piece of research that spans over a decade and this year’s edition will include interviews with up to 5,000 consumers asking what they know and understand about our planet’s biodiversity, and what they expect from brands. Attention will be given to consumer responses from China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

A session with Andreas Sommer, Chief Commercial Officer at Weleda, will look at the lure of Asia in product development and marketing. Amarjit Sahota, President of Ecovia Intelligence will share the latest research from Asia on the global natural and organic cosmetics markets. Framed by the lens of respecting people and biodiversity, this year we will also have a roundtable discussion with leading beauty brands like Guerlain, Shiseido and Weleda.

Turning attention to the role of public-private partnerships in responsible sourcing, Symrise, one of the world’s top suppliers of fragrances and flavourings, will deliver a speech on how such partnerships are used to bridge the generation gap in farming. Concrete cases of ethical sourcing are presented by leading companies throughout the whole conference.

20 May 2019 Agenda

Session 1 - Looking East – Sourcing with respect: consumer insights and brand responses

2019 Biodiversity Barometer: Consumer insights China, Japan, S. Korea and Vietnam
Leila Rochet, consultant UEBT and Founder, Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation

The lure of Asia
Interview with Andreas Sommer, Chief Commercial Officer, Weleda

Bee Respect Platform: responding to consumers’ call for transparency
Sandrine Sommer, CSR & Sustainable Development Director, Guerlain

Asia in global natural and organic cosmetics market
Amarjit Sahota, President, Ecovia Intelligence

Weleda, Shiseido, Guerlain

Session 2 - Trends in responsible sourcing

Update on ABS: evolving legislation, due diligence, benefit sharing
Maria Julia Oliva, Deputy Director, UEBT

Public-private partnership: Bridging the generation gap in farming
Hamish Taylor, Advisor on Sustainability, Symrise

Joining efforts to tackle human rights challenges in the the Carnauba supply chain
Initiative for Responsible Carnauba

Panel discussion
The role of public-private partnerships in responsible sourcing

Session 3 - Lessons from responsible sourcing initiatives

Sandalwood and its cultural importance in New Caledonia
Daniel Joulain, Advisor, Robertet Group and shareholder, Serei Non Nengone

Benefiting the triple bottom line: Centella asiatica supply chain project
Jean-Pierre Coutauchaud, Purchasing Director Naturals, L’Oréal, Fabian Samuel, Chief Operating Officer, Indfrag Biosciences Limited

21 May 2019 will be devoted to techniocal exchanges.

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• See the UEBT Annual Conference Beauty of Sourcing with Respect.


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