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Friday, June 17, 2022Dossiers

Aluminium: the dossier

Aluminium : le dossier

It has been the subject of controversy for years, it returns particularly to the forefront of controversial ingredients when it is present in cosmetics in the form of salt. Is aluminium dangerous when applied to the skin? Is it in danger of being more strictly regulated? What are the alternatives available to formulators to address growing consumer concern? Is it possible to claim “Aluminium-free”? CosmeticOBS has gathered in this dossier the different for and against arguments, and all the necessary data to understand aluminium in cosmetics…

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Aluminium, antiperspirants, deodorants, and other products

It is controversial, but also daily and ubiquitous… and in fact not so well known. Which consumer who wants to avoid aluminium in his cosmetics really knows what he wants to avoid, and in what form would aluminium possibly have reasons to be avoided? And for what reasons? And in which types of products? How many people know how to explain the difference (and this applies to consumers as much as to some professionals) between deodorants and antiperspirants, and which ones may or may not contain aluminium salts? A brief reminder of the basics, to put the points on the i’s of the word aluminium…

The “Aluminium-free” claim

Already targeted by Regulation 655/2013 on Common Criteria laying down common criteria for the justification of claims used in relation to cosmetic products and associated guidelines, the “Fre-from…” claims have been further regulated (and even almost prohibited) by the European Technical Document on Cosmetic Claims and the latest version of the ARPP Recommendation “Cosmetic Products”, both applicable as from 1 July 2019. So what about the claims “Aluminum-free” or “Aluminum salts-free” on a deodorant? Reminder of the texts and clarifications by the experts.

Aluminium: the scientific …

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