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Tuesday, June 8, 2021Ecoresponsability

Live By Blue Beauty: Biotherm's sustainability program

Live By Blue Beauty : le programme de développement durable de Biotherm

Biotherm is a beauty company whose DNA is 100% marine. Through its Water Lover program, the brand supports projects to preserve the aquatic ecosystem. But to go further, Biotherm is launching a new sustainable development plan: Live By Blue Beauty with strong commitments. It will be inaugurated on June 8, 2021, on World Oceans Day.

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A strong supporter of the seas, Biotherm wants to produce cosmetics that do not have a negative impact on the planet. The brand said that by the end of 2021, 97.8% of PET bottles and 84% of PE bottles will be made of recycled plastic.
“By choosing to move to PCR plastic, we will save approximately 270 tons of virgin plastic. This amounts to 25% of PCR on all our plastic packaging,” says Biotherm. “Introducing recycled materials into the packs is very complicated, and has been a major challenge for our development teams. All the types of plastic we use at Biotherm (PET, PE, PP…) have different qualities, and some are recycled on a larger scale than others. We are very proud to be on track to reach this 25% PCR plastic milestone, but we know we need to go even further.”

Biotherm also announced its roadmap to 2030. The brand thus indicates that:
• 100% of organic ingredients in formulas and packaging materials will be traceable and from sustainable sources
• 95% of ingredients will be derived from green science
• 95% of ingredients will be organic, mineral-abundant or circular process
• 100% of products will be eco-designed
• …

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