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The three musketeers of recycling

Les trois mousquetaires du recyclage

On the occasion of March 18, 2021, World Recycling Day, L’Oréal, Carrefour and TerraCycle have announced their association and joint actions to recycle cosmetic packaging in stores. A partnership that brings together different stakeholders to make a common front for a greener and more virtuous beauty. One for all, all for one!

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Green and cardboard. These are the attributes of the collection terminal that will be deployed in the hygiene/beauty departments of nearly 331 Carrefours (including 235 hypermarkets) throughout France.
The objective? To encourage consumers to bring back to stores the packaging of their finished beauty products that they no longer use.

The following are accepted in the terminal: make-up packs, bottles, sprays and flexible plastic packaging.
“Some packaging in the bathroom raise questions for our customers because they don’t know how to recycle them, nor in which container they should deposit them”, explains Rami Baitieh, Executive Director of Carrefour France. “With L’Oréal and TerraCycle, we decided to offer them a space where they can drop them off in our stores to be recycled.”

This program concerns the packaging of all cosmetic brands present on the market. Consumers collect all beauty-related containers from their homes and return them afterwards. Once received, the containers will be sorted and then stored until the necessary amount of product is collected to start the recycling process. Once the threshold is reached, the packaging is crushed and transformed into plastic granules. They can be used to make new recycled objects such as street furniture.

Carrefour and L’Oréal …

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