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The "No animal testing" Mention

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Here is a mention that, at first sign, seems to be explicit enough, stating that the manufacturer did not use animal testing to assess the tolerance or the sanitary safety of its product. However, after a closer look, and in most of the cases, this mention is particularly unclear, it even gives no information, or is even … illegal! Some clues.

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The European Directive on Cosmetics products (and several of its amendments) has planned the progressive ban of animal testing of hygiene and beauty products. At the same time, it has issued a request for developing  scientifically validated alternative methods, to assure consumers of the safety of products for human health.

The agenda

Several steps and target dates have been set up for a total ban:
• The first step: ban of animal testing of finished products, i.e. the products in their final formula, as marketed. This is mandatory since 11 September 2004.
• Second step: ban of animal testing of ingredients or combinations of thereof. Gradually enforced as alternative methods are validated. Target date (even if no alternative method is availble): March 11, 2009. An exception: if the ingredient is toxic due to repeated doses or toxic to reproduction: then, the target date is March 11, 2013.

How to understand the mention?

• A product with a mention as "Finished product (or Formula) not animal tested" says nothing more than "I comply with the law", as it is mandatory for all finished cosmetics, be it written or not, since 2004. It is NOT an information, nothing different from competitors' … …

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