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Monday, May 23, 2016Ingredient of the month

Anti-pollution ingredients (2/2)

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The cosmetics industry is currently in search of new actives to fight against the damage done by environmental pollution on the skin. The Paris edition of the In-Cosmetics show was an opportunity for ingredient suppliers to showcase several types of them. Alongside shields, mainly based on physical protection, prevention and repair solutions to skin damage are also being studied in depth.

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This article completes our previous one, Anti-pollution ingredients (1/2) , where we introduced the ‘shield’ ingredients that physically protect the skin by preventing fine particles from adhering to it.

Free radicals and oxidation, inflammation, melanin stimulation, dark spots, redness, degradation of collagen fibres… the skin suffers from pollution, and so does the hair, on which it is conveyed by an alteration of the keratin, volume, and colour – and it can also go with the appearance of dandruff or more important hair loss.
At the Paris In-Cosmetics show, all of these issues seemed to have their own solutions. Here are a few of the most interesting or representative of the trend.

Keracyn™ by Provital Group (for the hair)

It is an extract from artichoke derived from the leaves and titrated into hydroxycinnamic acids, polyphenols with antioxidant properties.
The various tests performed by Provital Group demonstrated the protective and repairing effect of Keracyn™ when dealing with free radicals: it protects from their formation up to 62%, and neutralizes 90% of those generated after UV radiation. It also preserves the protein and lipid capital of the hair, enhances the cohesion of cuticles, and makes the hair shiny, providing global protection against all …

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