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Monday, January 23, 2017Ingredient of the month

Thermal waters in France (1/2)

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The notion of thermal baths and thermal water-based treatments is very old: it dates back to Ancient Greece. As a guarantee of skin beauty, thermal water is flourishing in today’s cosmetics. Here is a special focus on this ingredient between skincare and beauty product.

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Thermal water is an integral cosmetic ingredient, given its INCI name (Aqua, the official term to which manufacturers often add the origin of the spring), and the evidence of its benefits in the field of beauty. It is also a natural, ancestral component.

What is thermal water?

Thermal waters originate from a re-emergent spring at the surface or drilled in depth. They are devoid of any bacteria, due to the place where they can be found. So, they can be considered pure.
Thermal waters have a different composition from that of the waters intended to be consumed. They are rich in dissolved minerals and salts or trace elements. ‘It is when they fall and run through a whole series of biological layers that waters naturally get richer,’ explains Jean-Claude Le Joliff, founder of La Cosmétothèque. Calcium, magnesium, zinc, and others are all elements that can enrich these waters. And yet, the substances found in thermal waters are not an issue for the skin, contrary to scale or limestone.

Are they all the same?
Although thermal waters are all composed of trace elements, they are not all the same. Their springs are different from a geographic and geological standpoint. As a …

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