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Thermal waters in France (2/2)


Extremely popular among major cosmetics groups, thermal waters are on a roll. Their benefits are not only useful for marketing arguments: the evidence of their properties on the skin is overwhelming.

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Using products based on thermal water is a good thing, but choosing them depending on the water’s characteristics is even better. Indeed, thermal waters are all different, they do not offer the same advantages. Here is a special focus on the main ones used by French brands, from A to V.


Let us go to the south-west of France, a flagship balneology region, more precisely to Dax, where the brand extracts the ingredient that made the city famous.

Mineral content
Calcium sulphate, sodium chlorine, and magnesium sulphate provide it with a specificity: it is hyperthermal.

Benefits for the skin
It has three widely acknowledged benefits: it is laxative, diuretic, and detoxifying.

For whom?
Newly arrived on the segment of thermal water-based cosmetics, for the moment, the Aquadax brand offers four facial products, including a revitalizing cream and a cleansing water. There are also body care products available, in particular a cream to fight against the sensation of heavy legs, as well as bath infusions. Right now, the age group targeted by Aquadax mostly includes old people, but the brand has only just been launched.
As for thermal cures, Dax is the perfect destination to treat vein and rheumatologic problems.


It was discovered in the village of Avène, near Montpellier, in the south of France. The original source of this thermal water is located at Ste Odile gushing spring. It has a constant, very abundant flow: 70m3 per hour. These waters are deep and mineralize over very long periods.

Mineral content
The composition of this spring water is always the same: low minerality (266mg/l), presence of a wide variety of trace elements.

Benefits for the skin
It was recognized as a spring of public utility by the French Academy of Medicine in 1974, and its applications are mainly dermatological. Indeed, in Avène, different forms of eczema, psoriasis, pruritus, and dermatitis are treated. It also helps the skin heal.

For whom?
Today, Avène targets a very large public, with no less than 12 different facial care ranges. The brand has also developed makeup, body care, and sun products, as well as specific cosmetics for men and babies. At Avène, thermal water is systematically highlighted. It is also possible to have a thermal cure at the spa.


The Léa Nature group, which markets products of the brand, Eau de Jonzac, uses the thermal water of the village of the same name, near La Rochelle, in the west of France.

Mineral content
Extracted from the ground water situated 1,800m deep, directly from the aquifer, it reaches 62 degrees when it is extracted. Rich in magnesium, lithium, strontium, and calcium, it is part of the family of hyper-mineralized waters.

Benefits for the skin
Jonzac thermal baths are also recognized as a place of public interest by the French Academy of Medicine. While the applications concern phlebology, rheumatology, and ENT affections, dermatologists have realized this spring is also soothing and anti-inflammatory, and enhances skin regeneration.

For whom?
Eau de Jonzac has formulated 12 product ranges to provide solutions for atopic and irritated skins, but also men and children.
As for spa visitors, they can go to Jonzac to treat their leg, rheumatism, and ENT-related problems.

La Roche-Posay

The flagship ingredient of the brand is extracted in the region of the Vienne river, near Poitiers, in the west of France.

Mineral content
Collected 80m deep, this water is rich in selenium and silica.

Benefits for the skin
Due to the composition of its water, this spa resort is recognized of public utility for dermatological applications by the French Academy of Medicine.

For whom?
The brand offers skincare, hair care, and makeup products. Whatever the nature of their skins, at La Roche-Posay, everyone can find what they are looking for.
Spa visitors can go there to treat psoriasis or after-effects of burns, or heal their skins after cancer treatments.


The brand uses thermal water from the Belledonne spring, in the Alps, near the city of Grenoble. This means it is a mountain water: it is sourced at an altitude of 422 metres. Its temperature is of 28 degrees when it comes out of the ground.

Mineral content
With 11 grams of dry residues per litre of water, Uriage is considered as one of the most well-balanced springs. It is enriched in calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and other trace elements.

Benefits for the skin
The French Academy of Medicine recognized the spring as of public utility in 1877. It is renowned for treating dermatological, ENT, and rheumatologic affections. This isotonic water (meaning it does not jeopardize the integrity of the cells) preserves the skin as a whole and has moisturizing and soothing virtues.

For whom?
As regards the cure, the isotonicity of Uriage thermal baths makes them suitable for anyone, including babies aged six months and older. In terms of cosmetics, the brand has developed almost 18 ranges for normal to oily skins, both body and sun care products, but also a baby range.


It is in the volcanic areas of the central French region of Auvergne that the Vichy water (near the village of the same name) is extracted.

Mineral content
Strontium, calcium, silica, iron, and magnesium are among the 15 minerals found in the Vichy thermal water drawn 4,000m deep in the ground.

Benefits for the skin
Thanks to its extraordinary high concentration in minerals, it has more than one string to its bow. Soothing, anti-inflammatory, protective, but also detoxifying, it boasts multiple properties.

For whom?
The whole family, young or old ones, will be delighted with the Vichy skincare products adapted to their face, body, and hair specificities. The brand also features targeted skincare products for people suffering from more specific skin problems like dark spots.
The spa offers its visitors the possibility to take care of their rheumatologic problems and treat their digestive affections.


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