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Wednesday, February 1, 2017Ingredient of the month

Thermal waters in France (2/2)


Extremely popular among major cosmetics groups, thermal waters are on a roll. Their benefits are not only useful for marketing arguments: the evidence of their properties on the skin is overwhelming.

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Using products based on thermal water is a good thing, but choosing them depending on the water’s characteristics is even better. Indeed, thermal waters are all different, they do not offer the same advantages. Here is a special focus on the main ones used by French brands, from A to V.


Let us go to the south-west of France, a flagship balneology region, more precisely to Dax, where the brand extracts the ingredient that made the city famous.

Mineral content
Calcium sulphate, sodium chlorine, and magnesium sulphate provide it with a specificity: it is hyperthermal.

Benefits for the skin
It has three widely acknowledged benefits: it is laxative, diuretic, and detoxifying.

For whom?
Newly arrived on the segment of thermal water-based cosmetics, for the moment, the Aquadax brand offers four facial products, including a revitalizing cream and a cleansing water. There are also body care products available, in particular a cream to fight against the sensation of heavy legs, as well as bath infusions. Right now, the age group targeted by Aquadax mostly includes old people, but the brand has only just been launched.
As for thermal cures, Dax is the perfect destination to treat vein and rheumatologic problems.

Avène …

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