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Tuesday, October 13, 2015Ingredient of the month

Aqua... or water in cosmetics!


Our body comprises 65% to 70% of water (the figure depends on the age or the body mass…) Our cosmetics almost match this figure, or may even be higher in water! Water is very often the main ingredient of all the care and beauty products we daily use. That is saying a lot aout its importance. Let us dive into water of our cosmetics.

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The first term in the list of the ingredients of a cosmetic product is generally "Aqua", the official name of water in the International Nomenclature of Cosmetics Ingredients.
This list displays ingredients in order from the most important in weight: therefore, this means water is the main ingredient in regard to all the others in the product.

In fact, a care cream may contain 60 to 85% of water, a percentage that could top 90%! Lotions, shower-gels and shampoos may even go up to 95%!
Only oils combinations (for massage or as serums), fatty cosmetics such as lipsticks or "dry" products (powders and blushes…) can do without.

Water quality

Needless to say that its percentage makes its quality a factor of the utmost importance. An "ordinary" water, such as tap water, is not suitable for cosmetics.

Atop of being bacteriologically faultless, without any germs or bacteria, odourless, it shall not contain (or at least, in very low quantities) calcium or heavy metals (such as lead, copper, iron…) or unwanted minerals.
Previous to being in our jars of cosmetics, it goes through different treatments to prevent it from being a source of contamination of the product; underneath, some of them:
• …

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