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Tuesday, January 10, 2023International

Andean Community notifies new labelling rules for cosmetic products

La Communauté Andine notifie de nouvelles règles d'étiquetage pour les produits cosmétiques

Resolution No.2310, published in the Gaceta oficial del Acuerdo de Cartagena, adopts the Technical Regulations of the Andean Community (which includes Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) for the labelling of cosmetic products. The text lists both the mandatory and the prohibited mentions.

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This Andean Technical Regulation states that its purpose is to establish the labelling or marking requirements for cosmetic products marketed in the territories of the Andean Community countries, in order to avoid practices that may mislead consumers or users as to the characteristics of these products, and to protect the health or safety of persons.

Mandatory information

The packaging of a cosmetic product must bear, in printed form or on a firmly attached label, in indelible, easily legible and visible characters, the following information (those followed by an asterisk must be indicated in Spanish, without prejudice to the possibility of indicating them in other languages):
(a) The name of the product, which must not conflict with the nature and function of the product
(b) The generic name by which it is identified, which must be consistent with its nature and provide information on the function of the product*
(c) The cosmetic group, if applicable
(d) The trade name of the product, if applicable
(e) The name or company name of the holder of the NSO (Mandatory Health Notification) or of the importer requesting to use the existing MSN code
(f) The country of origin
(g) The nominal content by weight, …

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