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China: registration and notification of cosmetic products according to CSAR

Chine : l'enregistrement et la notification des produits cosmétiques selon le CSAR

Since the publication of the final version of the Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation (CSAR) on 29 June 2020, China has issued several accompanying texts to clarify the rules. As a result, we now know a little more about the requirements for the registration and notification of cosmetic products, whether “special use” or “general”. Finally, with the long-awaited beginning of the long-awaited end of mandatory animal testing on the horizon. An update with ChemLinked experts.

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On August 28, 2020, the China National Institutes for Food and Drug Control published the draft text on “Instructions for Cosmetic Registration and Notification Dossiers”, detailed guidelines for enterprises for the preparation of documents necessary for the application, amendment, renewal and cancellation of the registration and notification of cosmetic products.
And this text introduces some changes compared to the current rules…

Exemptions from toxicological tests for general cosmetics

China has embarked on the path of reducing animal testing, a major development in the approach to cosmetics safety. Until now, for a product to be placed on the market, it has been mandatory for it to have been tested on animals in approved laboratories designated by the Chinese authorities, even if it was found to be safe and was already marketed in other countries.
However, the use of animal testing has not been completely abandoned. Several preconditions have to be met to be exempted from animal testing.

The conditions of the exemption

The product category
Only “general” cosmetics can avoid being tested on animals. Special purpose” cosmetics (hair dyes, hair perming products, bleaching products, sun protection products and hair loss prevention products) are in any case subject to this obligation. …

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