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16th Perfumes & Cosmetics Congress: the programme

Congrès Parfums&Cosmétiques

As every year, the Perfumes & Cosmetics Congress is held in Chartres on 14 & 15 November 2018. Organized by the Cosmetic Valley, this event is the flagship event for players in the cosmetics industry. Two days of conferences are planned to allow industry and the authorities to discuss regulatory issues and problems.

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As last year, Chartrexpo expects around 500 participants for this 2018 edition. Here is the detailed program of conferences.

Wednesday, November 14th

Packaging Task Force: Guidelines and Safety evaluation updates
> Gérald Renner, Director Technical Regulatory Affairs, Cosmetics Europe

Preservatives: update of the Cosmetics Europe task force
> Pamela Bloor, Global Regulatory Affairs Manager, Unilever
> Sylvie Cupferman, Microbiology International Director, L’Oréal R&I, Chairman & Member of the Expert Team Product Preservation, Cosmetics Europe

European News
> Salvatore D’Acunto, Head of unit Technologies of Health and Cosmetics, DG Grow

The impact on innovation of the European regulation
> Frédéric Lebreux, Chief Operating Officer, Biorius
> Joëlle Meunier, Cosmetics Expert, FPS, Health, Food Chain Safety & Environment, Belgium Health Minister

Claims: news codes for cosmetics products. Cosmetics Europe Technical file about claims and efficiency tests
> Julie Joseph, Layer Consultant, in charge of ethic regulatory, ARPP
> Raffaella Berioli, Regulatory and Scientific Consultant, FEBEA

Deployment of ISO standard about the naturalness
> Michel Philippe, Senior Research Associate, Sustainable Transformations Manager, L’Oréal R&I

Cosmetovigilance, from obligations to benefits
> Emmanuelle Amsler, Dermatologist, Axpharma

Results of controls and campaigns of the DGCCRF
> Catherine Argoyti, Deputy Director of Health & Cosmetics office DGCCRF

Results of controls 2017 and 2018 of the ANSM
> Manuela Boutillier, Cosmetics Products Inspectors, ANSM
> Vanessa Picot, Cosmetics Products Inspectors, ANSM

Thirsday, November 15 th

Deployment of the national strategy about the endocrine disruptors
> Speaker to be confirmed

Reach 2018 statement – Microbeads regulatory update
> Marie Kennedy, Member SCT Ingredients, Cosmetics Europe, International Compliance Director

Nanomaterials: regulation updates, characterization, physicochemical analysis
> Georges FAVRE, Director, Institut LNE Nanotech

Fragrance materials: Regulatory requirements – Alcohol: denaturing, statement…
> Anne Dux, Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, in charge of European relations, FEBEA

Regulatory news in China
> Claudio PARI, Head of Worldwide Regulatory Affairs, L’Oréal R&I

Regulatory news in USA, Proposition 65 in California
> Tiphaine Daubert-Macia, Directrice Affaires Réglementaires Cosmétiques, Chanel Parfums Beauté

Brexit : update and impacts on European companies
> Olivia Santoni, Director, Regulatory and International Services, CTPA
> Emma Trogen, Director Legal Affairs, Cosmetics Europe

Regulation: hotspots in the world
> Anne-Marie Breton, Scientific & Regulatory and Legal & Social Affairs, FEBEA
> Armand Guyon, Scientific & Regulatory and Legal & Social Affairs, FEBEA

European cosmetic regulation in practice
> Q&A session
Scientific & Regulatory and Legal & Social Affairs, FEBEA departments

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