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A BVA tool for"no" cosmetics


Context of suspicion towards certain cosmetic ingredients regularly maintained by the media relays, increased awareness among consumers and dermatologists who are more and more inclined to put certain products on the index: for brands, the trend is towards black lists and"no" cosmetics. This phenomenon has been taken up by the BVA Institute, which is launching its first"cosmetovigilance barometer".

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" In a context of growing suspicion regarding the safety of products placed on the market, the ingredients contained in cosmetics are being singled out in particular "BVA emphasizes to introduce this new tool. " Brands must anticipate changes in consumption patterns in terms of hygiene and beauty products ".

" How will this trend evolve? What proportion of dermatologists are convinced of the risks? Should the composition of products be reviewed? "The market and public opinion research institute, which"is not the only one", further questions to better understand new consumption patterns and prescription mechanisms, l ance the first Cosmetovigilance barometer that crosses the eyes of dermatologists and consumers ".

A three-stage study

For BVA, the challenge of this barometer, built in three stages, is to"improve the quality of life of its employees. provide brands with a monitoring of the evolution of the memorization phenomena of toxic ingredients " .

First step: a preliminary qualitative phase via groups to update and understand beliefs, representations and ways of appropriating information on a subject that is already controversial.

Second step: a workshop of enrichment and scientific enlightenment (disentangle the true from the false, take stock of the latest scientific studies).

These first …

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