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Brand Footprint ranking: cosmetic brands stand out!

Classement Brand Footprint : les marques cosmétiques se démarquent !

For the ninth year in a row, Kantar is conducting the Brand Footprint study to track the performance of major consumer brands across all sectors on an international scale. And if the undefeated leader remains Coca Cola, cosmetic brands manage to occupy very good positions in the ranking.

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Kantar looked at the 25 best-selling brands in the world.
In order, we find:
• Coca Cola (purchased 6.5 billion times)
• Colgate ((purchased 4.3 billion times)
• Lifebuoy (bought 3.1 billion times),
• Maggi (bought 6.5 billion times)
• Lay’s (purchased 2.7 billion times)
• Pepsi (purchased 2.5 billion times)
• Indomie (purchased 2.2 billion times)
• Dove (purchased 2 billion times)
• Sunsilk (bought 1.9 billion times)
• Nescafe (bought 1.8 billion times)
• Vim (bought 1.7 billion times)
• Knorr (bought 1.6 billion times)
• Nestlé (bought 1.4 billion times)
• Lux (bought 1.4 billion times)
• Sunlight (bought 1.4 billion times)
• Dettol (bought 1.3 billion times)
• Downy (bought 1.3 billion times)
• Heinz (bought 1.2 billion times)
• Brooke Bond (bought 1.2 billion times)
• Oreo (bought 1.1 billion times),
• Kinder (bought 1.1 billion times)
• Head&Shoulders (bought 1.02 billion times)
• Sprite (bought 1.08 billion times)
• Pepsodent (bought 1.08 billion times)
• Kraft (bought 1.03 billion times)

In this ranking, hygiene brands are playing elbows. Even if it is complicated to dethrone Coca Cola, Colgate and Lifebuoy are on the podium.
“Among hygiene and beauty brands, Dettol, Vim and Lifebuoy were …

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