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The beauty selective distribution market steady in 2012

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The NPD Group, specialized in market surveys, has just released its results on the beauty selective market sales in 2012. The French market is steady after a flourishing 2011 year. After the NPD Group, perfumes and cosmetic products sales, with € 2,830 millions revenues in France, have been slightly lower, by 0.9% in value in 2012 as compared to 2011, which was a record year for the sector.

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Innovations have been the support for the sales, all the year long, especially for anti-ageing cares and nail-polishes.
Sales staid stable in December, an essential month, as it draws 20% of the yearly revenues for perfumery on its own. This result is even more remarkable when compared to the 2011 December sales, which had bursted by 8% from the same 2010 period.

Mathilde Puszka, a Beauty Analyst in the NPD Group, comments, “ The French perfumery market is still holding up this year. In fact, it is in better shape than its Italian and Spanish counterparts, which dwindled by 3.6% and 6.7%, respectively, by value, in 2012. As a reminder, 2011 has been an exceptional year for the beauty selective market in France, with a 3% increase of the sales by value compared to 2010. Thus, the quasi-stability of the 2012 market is good news for the industry, as regard to the uncertainties that still affect the economy. In France, the perfumery market is still strengthening, in spite of the increased promotional activity in 2012. "

French market of the Prestige Beauty*

In euros  2012 vs 2011 (by value)
Beauty as a whole  2.8 billions - 0.9%
Perfumes as a …

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