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Tuesday, October 11, 2022Market

15th ADEME-Greenflex barometer: when responsible rhymes with desirable

15e baromètre ADEME-Greenflex : quand responsable rime avec désirable

This study conducted by ADEME and Greenflex provides information on the consumption habits of the French. In these troubled times, citizens are keen to participate in the collective effort by changing their purchasing habits. But the survey highlights the need to make this “better consumption” attractive, accessible and desirable.

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The study was conducted from 27 to 31 May 2022. 2033 French people (aged 18 and over) were interviewed.

A real desire to change…

The French are questioning the way they consume. For 71% of them, the link between what they buy and the state of the planet is obvious.
76% of French people are mobilized in favor of responsible consumption.

The panelists indicate:
• To make their choice based on the origin of the product (67%)
• To avoid controversial ingredients (71%)
• To choose products that pay producers and farmers fairly (54%)

… blocked by certain obstacles

“Despite a general awareness and a constant progression in the behavior of citizens, the barriers to this societal change remain very real,” comments Greenflex.

Among these barriers, we find:
• The price (65%)
• The lack of choice (45%)
• The impression that consuming better is useless (40%)
• The refusal to give up small pleasures (30%)
• The feeling that sustainable products are of lesser quality (21%)
• The difficulty to fight against advertising (20%)
• The struggle to know where to start (20%)

The cost of living is a major factor for consumers. But not only that, they …

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