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Acne: when emotions are involved

Acné : quand les émotions s'emmêlent

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, but it’s not easy to live with. CeraVe, a dermocosmetic brand of the L’Oréal group, has conducted a new study to identify the moods of acne sufferers. CeraVe’s objective is to succeed in normalizing this pathology and help people take better care of their skin on a daily basis.

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The survey was conducted in collaboration with the Ipsos polling institute, on a panel of 8000 respondents, with or without acne, from 14 countries around the world.

General findings

91% of respondents said they knew at least one person with acne. While the prevalence of acne is similar across all age groups, it appears that women tend to develop more moderate forms of the condition, while men report more severe forms.

Effects of acne on self-esteem

On this subject, the study showed that:
• 92% of the panel were obsessed with the state of their skin
• 87% of the panel did not feel attractive
• 84% of the panel had the impression of being stared at
• 83% of the panel do not accept themselves and do not feel part of the norm
• 78% of the panel can’t stand their reflection in the mirror
• 75% of the panel feel a strong impact in their daily life
• 74% of the panel systematically put on makeup before going out

However, the panel is well aware of the social pressure that weighs on people suffering from this skin condition.
• 80 % of the panel think that anyone …

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