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American women want to age "well"

Les Américaines veulent "bien" vieillir

For a few years now, the trend has been to better accept the passing of time and its effects on the skin. The Benchmarking Company, a research firm, conducted a survey among a sample of American women in order to know their position on ageing, the way they apprehend it and better define their cosmetic expectations on the subject.

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The survey was conducted in March 2023 among a panel of 3423 American women.

No more youthism. 82% of the respondents explain that women should be proud of their age.
However, 67% of respondents said that their appearance is important to them. 96% of respondents said they are flattered when they are told they don’t look their age.

Know how to take care of your skin

98% of the women in the panel explain that prevention is the best anti-aging. In fact, Millenials start using targeted skincare from the age of 35 and Z women from the age of 23.
They are 94% to think that having an adapted cosmetic routine helps delay the appearance of the first signs of aging. But beauty products are not everything: 92% believe that the in&out approach is necessary to fight against wrinkles.
Overall, 70% of the panel buy anti-aging products.

Purchasing factors

Women expect real and authentic communication from brands.
The respondents insist on the need to select models whose appearance is consistent with the product presented (81%). They are against the fact that advertising campaigns are retouched (78%).
Finally, they want the muses to be natural (73%) and not to have undergone …

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