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Wednesday, September 28, 2022Market

Back to the roots: a beauty trend to come, according to Peclers

Retour aux origines : une tendance beauté à venir, selon Peclers

Like every year, the forecasting agency Peclers publishes its future beauty trend books. On the occasion of a conference organized on September 22, 2022 at the “Wellness” space of Galeries Lafayette, the agency presented one trend in particular, that of cultural heritage.

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According to Peclers, this homage to the origins is explained by the need to go back to the past, to reconnect with older generations and to anchor oneself in (formerly) perennial realities.

“This movement is mainly driven by young people,” says Peclers. “For example, in China, we are seeing a strong comeback of herbal medicine. The Z and Y groups are abandoning international brands in favor of ancestral treatments. The same is true for the black community, which is returning to the beauty rituals of yesteryear because today’s cosmetics are not always adapted to their skin or hair.”
This reminder of the past also reconciles with the issues related to age. Aging is no longer a concern, on the contrary, it is a gain of wisdom. “Some studies show that when we adopt a positive attitude towards age, we increase our life expectancy”.

Colors and concepts

For all companies willing to explore this trend, Peclers advises mixing beige, ochre and pastel colors with blue palettes to create a real contrast.
“From a materials point of view, we invite professionals to bring back the roughness, the raw… Consumers are ready to buy products that are not packaged in perfectly smooth …

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